Office interior design for small and medium offices

Office interior design for small and medium offices

Office interior design is one of the most significant investments because this is the space to help you make money from your efforts. Small office space design has long been a source of anxiety for business owners. But, even smaller office spaces could be creatively crafted into an inspiring work environment. This post will provide you with useful information about interior design for small and medium workspaces.

What is the significance of workplace interior design?

The workplace is where company members spend the most of their time, a location where they can express their creativity, and a place where they can communicate with one another to achieve maximum productivity work, however, it is not fair owing to certain organizations’ small office interior design style, which makes the area crowded and not private, making employees feel worried or inhibited. They operate inefficiently because they lack a truly comfy and comfortable area in which to work and rest in a decent manner.

Furthermore, because the office is also the company’s face, the interior decor of a small office to make a good first impression on partners and clients at the first meeting is very important, because it may influence the outcome. Many organizations invest much in the design of tiny office furniture to wow clients or partners at the first encounter, owing to the success and overall outcomes of their jobs.

Office interior design for small space

Office interior design for small space

It is vital to have a clever and appropriate interior layout to maximize the working room area for a start-up or small and medium-sized companies with not too much working space. 

Important notes in small and medium office interior design

Designing beautiful small offices but still optimizing usability is one of the big challenges. Therefore, when designing small office furniture, you need to keep the following in mind:

Shaping the design style for small corporate offices

Before embarking on the design of a small company office, you should define the design style in advance. This will help you get the most general view; to make the design and construction smoother and easier. 

The interior design of a corporation is determined by its brand identity and cultural traits. Form an overarching design motif from there to produce various interior accessories.

You should also do a preliminary study of the premises to establish the best design theme. When creating a conference room, for example, comfort and luxury must be prioritized. Employee creativity must be stimulated by providing a pleasant and creative working environment.


Using modules to improve the workspace is the best solution. Not only do these dividers save space, but they also make the office appear more scientific and professional. Modular table and chair arrangements reduce space while also making it easier for employees to communicate at work.

Arrange furniture reasonably to optimize space

Arrange furniture reasonably to optimize space

Furthermore, the color of the wall paint is quite crucial. Because the office is a shared environment, you can’t pick a paint color based on your particular preferences. To create an outstanding workstation, choose vivid colors. Dark colors should be avoided since they will make the space feel claustrophobic. You can implement “cool” ideas like hanging a few extra photos, images, or paintings on the wall.

A small trick to help fool your office space is to use a large mirror to create depth for the workspace.


In a small workspace, lighting plays a very important role. Because no one can work effectively in a dark, dimly lit room. When designing light for a modest workspace, chandeliers or fluorescents; Both are smart choices.

You should say no to standing tree lights because it will make the workspace more cramped. However, you should pay attention to reasonable lighting arrangements; Avoid direct light on the computer screen. Advice for you to use ceiling lights, fluorescent lights… instead of standing tree lights will save more space.

Because small offices sometimes lack windows, need to employ windows and reflectors to bring in more natural light.

Arrange the interior in a scientific way

Scientifically arrange the interior to optimize the workspace

Scientifically arrange the interior to optimize the workspace

To optimize the workspace, you need to pay attention to a few layout methods as follows:

Work desk: With a small office, you should prefer to use a compact desk that integrates many functions. On the other hand, you can design in groups of people to save space. To make additional room, place the desk against the wall.

Bulkhead: You can flexibly use between movable partitions and fixed partitions to suit your work needs

Document shelf: For an office with modest furniture, you should choose a shelf with a small area to ensure its use. In addition, you can also design wall-mounted document cabinets to maximize space.

Use light colors in the interior design of small companies’ offices

Paint the walls in light colors to make the space more comfortable

Paint the walls in light colors to make the space more comfortable

The truth is that some bright colors like beige, green, blue, light yellow,… can “trick” the eye to make a room look more spacious. In addition, you should take advantage of the open design, prioritizing natural light to expand the space.


Above are some notes to get a beautiful and convenient small company interior design. If you have any further questions, please contact ADP-Architects immediately, with more than 14 years of experience in this field and implementing many outstanding projects for major partners, we are committed to bringing you satisfaction.